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My role was lead product designer and PM.

I worked with 2 other designers, developers, marketing and compliance officer.

About the project

First financial virtual education app with customized investing strategies for all

investor levels.


Business goal


Self-directed investing is intimidating, confusing and hard. Finliti wants financial education to be immersive, fun, engaging and accessible to all. Creating new wealth heroes with Rudiments, Missions and Quests. 

Increase customer base for Beta Finlitiverse, retention and sales of Finliti Investor Profile Indicator (FIPI).

User goal

Become a self-directed investor with an easy to use educational platform.

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Research insights

  • A psychometric assessment and interactive feedback helps investors understand how they allocate attention, make decisions, and react to important market events. 

  • Feedback from the personality survey helps self-directed investors better understand their unique tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses so they can allocate effort in the areas most important and useful for them.

  • Personality results are important for customizing learning experiences.

  • 4 important personality investing traits were identified: Zeal, Inhibition, Conventionality and Swag.

  • The target market were gamers who enjoyed investing.

  • Users need to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to become better investors.  

Finlitiverse storyboard 

A storyboard identified key moments in the experience of a person who wants to become a self-directed investor and embarks on learning about themselves and finances with Finlitiverse.

Research methods

  • Design sprint - I facilitated a remote design sprint with the CEO, psychologist, designers and engineers. The design sprint provided a strategy based on business goals and user needs.

  • User stories - I identified user stories and user segments that were important in informing design decisions.

  • Storyboard I illustrated a storyboard that identify key moments in the experience of a person who wants to become a self-directed investor and embarks on learning about themselves and financial education with Finliti.

  • Low fidelity prototypes - I made paper prototypes to test and validate my ideas. 

  • Wireframing Once my ideas were validated I designed wireframes that were also tested before the final designs.

First idea


  • Initial explorations included a map with categories and modules that was presented to users after sign-up and onboarding where we asked questions about their goals and financial knowledge.

  • Based on the users financial personality profile, customized learning modules were presented.  

  • The idea of financial district map was explored for picking modules based on categories. 

  • A virtual world of faction guides and foes would guide users on their learning journey within Missions, Rudiments and Quests.

  • Because there were so many levels of learning that build on each other, explaining each step and what to expect was important.


  • Finliti is a fintech startup, a new kid on the block. Finliti offered a unique experience in financial education with immersive learning and gaming using a virtual reality world called Finlitiverse. The target market loved gaming and investing. I brought these worlds together.

  • The design of the app represented a financial district, with every district representing a different topic, every building a different mission and levels in the building represented quests. The idea of levelling up in Finlitiverse represented levelling up in knowledge.

  • Similar to gaming apps, the moving through rudiments, missions and quests with faction guides and foes engaged the user learning was a fun game.

  • Onboarding was designed to assess users goals, life journey and financial knowledge. This information helped with customization of learning modules for users. Users had different financial goals and skills.

  • The world of faction guides and foes was designed to engage users in Finlitiverse on their journey to becoming wealth heroes.

  • Foundational learning modules were presented as fun  and engaging stories in a video that users could watch, pause and save.

  • To motivate users, I used milestones and achievements for celebrations and small wins with progress report.