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Finliti marketing site for my portfolio home page.jpg








My role was lead product designer and PM.

I worked with 2 other designers, developers, marketing and compliance officer.

About the project

Marketing website for a personality driven financial educational platform that uses immersive virtual world experiences to teach investors how to navigate through the stock market.


Business goal

Increase customer base, retention and sales of Finliti Investor Profile Indicator (FIPI).


Self-directed investing is intimidating, confusing and hard. Finliti wanted to reach future investors but the existing website was confusing, had no clear call to action, value proposition or information on how Finliti can help potential customers.

User goal

Become a self-directed investor with an easy to use educational platform.

Old Finliti marketing website

New Finliti marketing website

Research insights

  • Personality survey and results provide insights into investors strengths and weaknesses as an investor – this data was important for Finliti to craft a custom experience for users when they reach Finlitiverse, an immersive learning environment.

  • Demonstrating the value Finliti provides on a user’s journey to becoming a self-directed investor was important for trust and the first step to signing up for Finlitiverse.

  • The target audience was into gaming and used free apps for investment.

  • Based on a competitor audit, Finliti’s two main advantages and differences: Knowing your client (KYC), Discovery survey, a scientifically validated survey powered by psychometrics for customized and personality driven portfolio management, customized education in the virtual world.

Marketing website storyboard 

A storyboard identified key moments in the experience of a person who wants to become a self-directed investor and embarks on learning about themselves and finances with Finliti.

Research methods

  • Design sprint - I facilitated a remote design sprint with the CEO, psychologist, designers and engineers. The design sprint provided a strategy based on business goals and user needs.

  • User stories - I identified user stories and user segments that were important in informing design decisions.

  • Storyboard I illustrated a storyboard that identify key moments in the experience of a person who wants to become a self-directed investor and embarks on learning about themselves and financial education with Finliti.

  • Low fidelity prototypes - I made paper prototypes to test and validate my ideas. 

  • Wireframing Once my ideas were validated I designed wireframes that were also tested before the final designs.

First idea


  • Hero image: First idea was an illustration of a wealth warrior, a girl standing at the top of a mountain. The colours chosen for the illustration communicate Finliti’s brand colours. There is mystery and drama in the visual that represents a journey of a wealth warrior. With this idea, the full journey was not communicated which included Finlitiverse.

  • Second idea was an explainer video, a story of Sky, a girl that went from zero to wealth hero. The explainer video was placed in the header to provide important information on what Finliti is with CTA to personality survey. The animated story is fun, engaging and relatable to users who loved gaming.

  • I explored a How It Works section that lists simple steps to further illustrate what a user can expect and how Finliti helps a user on their journey to becoming a wealth hero.

  • The third part of the experience is the virtual reality world called Finlitiverse with faction guides and foes. Here I wanted to illustrate the gaming aspect of Finlitiverse, with interesting characters that can represent users in Finlitiverse.


  • Finliti is a fintech startup, a new kid on the block. Finliti offered a unique experience in financial education with immersive learning and gaming using a virtual reality world called Finlitiverse. The target market loved gaming and investing. I brought these worlds together.

  • Final design of Finliti marketing site had an explainer video in the hero image with How it Works and Finlitiverse sections, where users can dive deeper into the world of Finliti. How it Works has 3 elements. Using Hick's Law, minimizing choices and breaking complex tasks into smaller steps in order to decrease cognitive load.

  • I worked with animators and illustrators to create a virtual world with characters and avatars where learning about investing was fun and engaging.

  • Using storytelling and video communicated Finaliti's value proposition in an engaging way. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, this is why people tend to be more responsive to videos.

  • I used Typeform for surveys because of its more conversational approach, engaging interface and analytics. Surveys were used to assess user personality for investor strengths and weaknesses.