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My role was senior product designer.

I worked with developers and marketing.

About the project

Daily Haloha is a mindfulness app that with a simple daily routine of asking a question, helps people look inward and share outward. It starts with a single thought-provoking question each day. A moment of reflection. Anonymous, judgment-free, popularity-free, pressure-free and guided by a single spark each day.


Business goal


Daily Haloha mood picker was confusing for users due to a misalignment of colours with facial expressions for the mood.


Increase engagement with users and user acquisition.

User goal

Mindfulness with daily rituals that is easy to practice and understand. Accessible for everyone.

Daily Haloha Mood Picker (original)

Allow users to select moods that better reflect how they are feeling. Eliminate confusion between moods, colours and responses.

Users were confused by the colours, faces and meaning that the colours represented with faces. 

Research insights

  • Users were confused by the colours, faces and meaning that the colours represented with faces. 

  • This was an international app and colours had different meaning in the different parts of the world.

  • Based on user feedback, the solution to solving the problem was to provide users with an option to choose a colour and then a mood. The constraint was that this approach was off the table because analytics were based on the original colour and mood combination. To change this would interrupt analytics and data analysis which was important for future iterations and improvements. 

How it works

Create a Haloha

Fill in the blank

Choosing a mood

The problem was that many users did not identify with the colour blue to represent a negative mood. In the original mood picker, where there was emphasis on colour and faces to represent moods, users did not relate to the options given. Blue for many is a positive colour. There was a contradiction between colours, moods and faces for many users. Extra consideration should be given to people from different cultures as this app was used worldwide.

Receive a response

from another person that completed the 

same sentence.

See multiple responses to the same sentence

Mood picker solution